What Is Microsoft Groove?

This article presents a comprehensive review about what is Microsoft Groove. You will get to read valuable info on Microsoft Groove, presenting easy to understand explanation of Microsoft Groove.

A piece of important info on Microsoft Groove is that it was initially designed and developed by Ray Ozzie, who happens to be the creator of Lotus Notes and it was further developed by Groove Networks of Beverly, Massachusetts before Microsoft's acquired Groove Networks in March 2005.

Microsoft Groove Software is a kind of computer program which has been designed to help various teams working together the dynamically and effective interface to work again. It facilitates collaboration between teams in which various members of the teams don’t work on shared networks and mostly work in offline mode. Although there are so many benefits associated with the use of Microsoft Groove software, its main advantage is that it makes it possible for different teams to work together and make document collaboration easy.

The other way to define what is Microsoft Groove is to define it as a collaboration suite by Microsoft which has been developed keeping in mind small business houses and companies who don’t have any physical base yet. In the past, Microsoft Groove Software has been put into used by emergency situations by agencies and top consultants and has proved to be extremely beneficial tool for anyone who has to work in offline mode or within a distinct community.

Among the various uses of Microsoft Groove, its main function involves coordination between emergency relief agencies in which various companies do not share a network due to infrastructure issues and security features and in cases where offline access is of significant importance and for consultants who have to work securely on client sites. Other useful info on Microsoft Groove state that this software can also be implemented as a staging system meant for those documents which are still not finished and are in developing phase, where content can be worked up and then can be copied to the portal when the application gets completed.

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