Installation & Compatibility Of Microsoft Groove

This article outlines useful tips and guidelines about installation & compatibility of Microsoft Groove. You will come to know about the basic system requirements which are must for the installation of Microsoft Groove and also details which will help you know better about the compatibility of Microsoft Groove with other applications. Read on the information presented in this review about Microsoft Groove installation & compatibility to have better understanding of this collaboration software by Microsoft with so many potential benefits to offer.

Let us start the review by discussing details related to installation of Microsoft Groove. In order to make use of Microsoft Office Groove 2007 or Microsoft Office Live Groove, the basic requirements are as defined below:

  • A computer system with processor of 500 MHz or of higher speed.
  • A minimum of 256 MB RAM memory.
  • The memory of Hard Disk of the system needs to be of 1 GB, important point to note down is that a part of this memory gets free when the installation of Microsoft Groove is complete, by removing the original download package from the hard drive. 
  • A CD-ROM drive or a DVD drive in the computer system.
  • A display monitor having screen resolution of 1024*768 pixels or higher resolution.
  • As far as the operating system requirements are concerned, Microsoft Windows XP having Service Pack (SP) 2 or Window Server 2003 with SP1 or the newer operating systems by Microsoft Corporation are required for the Installation of Microsoft Groove.

Am important point regarding the installation & compatibility of Microsoft Groove is that the actual requirements for Groove and product functionality mat vary as it is based on the system configuration and the type of operating system on which your system is running.

Now, coming to the second part of the review, the compatibility of Microsoft Groove, it is correct that the workspaces formed with the Microsoft Groove Mobile Workspace for SharePoint does not get synchronized with SharePoint sites when you upgrade your Office Groove 2007. Another point to note down is that there might be some issues with the compatibility of Microsoft Groove with several third party tools as they might not be compatible with Microsoft office Groove 2007. it is best to contact the  third party which has developed the third party tool to get detailed info  regarding compatibility with Office Groove 2007. As far as other basic tools of Groove are concerned, you might not get to see any changes to tools or data in the existing Groove workspaces after upgrading to Office Groove 2007. but newly created  workspaces would only be compatible with Office Groove 2007 tool palette. In other words, you will not be able to add previous tools which are no longer available in Office Groove 2007.