Software FREE

Computer software is a very important part in doing the work using a computer. Office software helps our office work related to word processing documents, graphics software to help us do the job if the image, or multimedia software that helps us do the work if multimedia.

At present there is a lot of software circulating in the community both Free or paid. In determining which software we use, it helps to read articles related to computer software not one chose the computer software.

Various types of Free Software can be obtained according to our needs. For example, we could get word processing software such as Microsoft Office, WordPad, Open Office Writer, and Corel WordPerfect to the need to write. Or even Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe Freehand, Adobe Illustrator, to design drawings. Can also use Autocad, SAP, Autodesk Revit Architecture to design a house or building.

In addition, many more types of Software else we can find in the article software computer like Software to play or create multimedia files, software to calculate, facial recognition software and other software. Based on the license is granted, the software is divided into several types, namely:

A. Freeware

This freeware software licenses may be obtained free of charge. Usually the software maker has to first make some provision for the use of software that we must obey.

2. Shareware

This shareware software licenses can be used for free within a certain period. Usually Software with shareware license is part of a campaign by the software maker.

3. Proprietary Software

To get this kind of software we have to buy or pay a license of use. Usually Software with the license is intended for the professional.

4. Open Source

Open Source Software licenses may be obtained free of charge. In addition we can also change the facilities that exist in the software in accordance with our wishes. In addition we can also distribute the software that we have to change it freely.

Software Installation

After we read the article about the computer software we need, we can get the software in accordance with the licensing software. To be able to use the software, usually we are required to first install the software onto the computer.

The installation process is largely had in common among all types of software. If we have not done the installation process, do not worry because we can follow the instructions in the installation process.

Another thing to note in the install software is to choose the software that we really need. Due to too much to install software into the computer will cause your computer to be slow. This is because more and more software that we install, the more memory used.

Articles Software computer is one of the means to gain knowledge about computer software. Therefore, more and more computer software that article we read the more it will be our knowledge of computer software.