Microsoft Groove Workspaces And Collaboration Tools

As we know that the underlying concept behind Microsoft Groove is shared workspace and tools collaboration. These two things form the basis of this collaboration software. Thus, it is important to know details on the topic of Microsoft Groove workspaces and collaboration tools. Take a look at the comprehensive info about Microsoft Groove workspaces and Microsoft Groove Collaboration tools in the review presented below.

You will get to read all kind of useful details regarding details Workspaces and collaboration tools in Microsoft Groove here in the review, describing various aspects of the Groove software. Let us get started and read about Microsoft Groove workspaces first:

Microsoft Groove Workspaces

It works on the concept of shared workspace which facilitates user groups to share files and folders across team members and some aids for group collaboration. Any body using Groove software is able to create workspaces, adding documents to be shared among the team and other feature includes inviting other Groove members to a workspace. Anybody who receives the invitation and responds becomes active member of that workspace. The users interact and collaborate in the common workspace which is a private virtual location. Groove keeps a track of all the changes and modifications done to the data and sent to all members and all copies of the workspace are synchronized via the network in a peer-to-peer manner. An important point to note down about Microsoft Groove workspaces is that data gets encrypted on disk with 192-bit AES encryption and over the network, and there are unique set of cryptographic keys for each workspace.

Collaboration tools

This is the next part of our topic of discussion, Microsoft Groove workspaces and collaboration tools. Well, as we know that the basic collection of services in Microsoft Groove Software consists of ever-on security, persistent chat, store-and-forward messaging delivery, firewall/NAT transparency, ad-hoc group formation, and change notification and these can be customized with the help of tool known as Microsoft Groove Collaboration tools.

Groove Collaboration tools can be defined as kind of small applications which rely on the core functionality to Groove which is to distribute and coordinate contents with other copies of other members on the Groove workspace. There are so many Microsoft Groove Collaboration tools which can be added to and can also be taken out from a Microsoft Groove workspace in order to personalize the functionality of each space such as calendar, pictures, notepad, and web browser, etc.