Need Of Microsoft Groove Server

This article intends to clarify the need of Microsoft Groove Server by explaining its functionality and features. Getting clear info about what is the exact functions of Microsoft Groove software will help you to figure out if you really need it or not.

In order to find out the exactly if there is any need for Microsoft Groove server, the  very basic thing to know is that Microsoft Office Groove 2007 is primarily a client application and comes in three different configurations, which are

Office Live Groove

Office Enterprise 

Office Groove 2007

The important point to know about these three versions of Microsoft Groove software is that they all offer same functionally and what differs between them is the license model. Knowing about different license options is also important because then you can choose the right version which best meets your requirement of Microsoft Groove server.

Office Live Groove: It is basically designed to be used by small businesses and individuals. At the time of purchasing, it comes with a one year subscription to the Relay services which are hosted by Microsoft. Important point to note down here is that if there is a need of Microsoft Groove Server for your business then you have to renew the subscription for Relay services on per year basis.

As far as its other two versions are concerned, both Office Enterprise and Office Groove 2007 are designed for volume license users. Although they are costlier as compared to the Office Live Grove, however it eliminates the need of renewing the license and paying subscription charges each year.

Other important fact which helps to find out the exact need of Microsoft Groove Server is that all versions of Microsoft Groove client applications are competent enough of communicating directly to another Groove client, or in words peer to peer communication is possible. It is best use when there two or more clients are connected through a wireless or wired network, and they initiate synchronizations of data.

Most users consider this peer to peer capability while deciding whether to buy this software or not. There are innumerable situations in which being able to communicate directly, without servers, is a crucial factor.

Thus, we see that Microsoft Groove is best known for the flexibility of its network communications. Client can securely connect directly to other clients, or connect through the Groove Relay. 

We hope that the above presented details would surely help you in finding answers to figure out if there is any need of Microsoft Groove Server how can it make a difference.