Pricing And Upgrading Of Microsoft Groove

This article let you know info about pricing and upgrading of Microsoft Groove software along with covering other general info about this collaboration software by Microsoft.

As far as pricing of Microsoft Groove Office 2007 version is concerned it is equal to

US $229.95. Regarding upgrading of Microsoft Groove, it is important to know that no upgrade is applicable to Microsoft Groove Office 2007.

You can get more detailed information regarding pricing and upgrading of Microsoft Groove and all kind of other info related to Microsoft Groove software from the official site of Microsoft itself also.

You can also buy Microsoft Groove software online as it is available for buying on the official site of Microsoft Corporation. The Microsoft Groove software can be purchased as a stand alone product as well as a part of the 2007 office suite by Microsoft. It is totally your choice in which form you want to purchase this amazing software. 

Another good thing about this Microsoft Groove software is that its free trial version is available which you can test run for a period of two months and that too for free. So, if you wish to download the free trail version of Microsoft Groove, you can download it from the official site of Microsoft Corporation.

Here are some more details regarding pricing and upgrading of Microsoft Groove which one should know. If you wish to use Microsoft Groove at your home or t0o manage your small business, then there is no additional purchase required as your infrastructure would be administered by the servers hosted by Microsoft. Moreover the access to these servers comes as a part your purchase of the product for your home or small business.

Microsoft Groove is also available for mid-sized business and there different licensing options are available for Groove. Thus, the details for pricing of Microsoft Groove and upgrading of Microsoft Groove would be accordingly to the licenses and the version of Groove 2007 Microsoft Office you purchase.

It is important to mention here since Groove is part of the 2007 Microsoft Office system, buyers have multiple options for purchasing Groove.