Functionality Of Microsoft Groove

The major functionality of Microsoft Groove is to provide a dynamic and effective environment for different teams not having shared network otherwise, to work together.

Microsoft Groove Functionality is based on the core idea of creating a shared workspace where distributed users can share information by distributing files and folders across various users in a group. Not just sharing, the function of Microsoft Groove also facilitate users to edit, modify add and delete data which is shared through a common workspace.

Thus we see that functionality of Microsoft Groove also makes it possible that all the associates of the team need not be connected to the network or have to be online to access and modify important information, the entire process of data sharing has become so convenient and hassle free all thanks to the Microsoft Groove.

There is enhanced functionality of Microsoft Groove in the Office 2007 version. With the addition of Groove in Office 2007, Microsoft Groove Functionality offers a collaborated suite which is best to be used by smaller offices and companies which don’t have a single physical base. Saving time with increased productivity has become the main function of Microsoft Groove.

Information about some of the main tasks which are integral parts of functionality of Microsoft Groove is presented below. Let us take a look:

It helps to keep your data, team and tools at a single place. The other functions of Microsoft Groove involve making a workspace on your computer systems with two clicks. It also makes it possible for you to send invitations to your business partners, co- workers and clientele without taking any kind of tension regarding the networks or servers. Microsoft Groove Functionality also involves addition of various tools which are quite helpful to carry out various tasks such as meetings, business forms and so on. Automatic synchronization, Integration with other Microsoft Programs, phone call or start an instant messaging are also parts of major functionality of Microsoft Groove.